Alone in the Dark release delayed to January 2024 due to competition from other major games in October

by tiempoantenacom

THQ Nordic Announces Delay for Alone in the Dark Release

In a recent press release, publisher THQ Nordic and developer Pieces Interactive have revealed that the highly anticipated game, Alone in the Dark, will not be launching on October 25 as originally planned. The decision to postpone the release was made due to the crowded gaming landscape in October, with numerous important titles set to hit the market. Instead, fans can expect the return of this classic horror and survival saga on January 16, 2024, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The creators of Alone in the Dark have emphasized that the extra development time will be utilized to refine the game and deliver an even better product to players. “Horror games thrive in the haunting embrace of solitude, something impossible to achieve in a busy month like October. To ensure an awe-inspiring experience for everyone, we have made the decision to move the release of Alone in the Dark to January 16, 2024,” stated the developers.

This delay serves a dual purpose, as it not only allows for meticulous refinement of the gameplay experience but also provides the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the remarkable releases of October, according to another statement from the creators.

First Impressions: A Promising Rebirth of the Saga

After getting a chance to try out Alone in the Dark, we can confidently say that it shows great potential. While it may not reach the blockbuster status of other horror games released earlier in 2023, it has captured our attention with its intriguing setting, two campaigns, psychological terror elements, and the promised balance between action, exploration, and puzzles. The difficulty of the puzzles will adapt to the preferences of each player, adding to the appeal. Although the combat may not be as impressive, and we haven’t seen enough of the exploration to make a final judgment, it seems that the long-awaited revival of the Alone in the Dark saga is finally here.

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