Analysis of Óscar Trejo Centuriones in EA Sports FC 24

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Óscar Trejo Centuriones: A Hidden Gem in EA Sports FC 24

Óscar Trejo Centuriones has finally arrived in Spain, and he is now available for players to add to their teams. Despite its low cost, this player could prove to be quite useful in the game. Let’s take a closer look at what he brings to the table.

The Centurion Upgrade

With the Centurion Upgrade, Trejo Centuriones receives a boost in several key attributes. His shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense all receive a two-point increase, while his rhythm and physicality get a one-point boost.

  • Position: MCO (Midfielder, Central Offensive)
  • Stars: Three skill stars and four weak foot stars
  • Work rate: High in attack and medium in defense
  • Height: 1.80 meters
  • Preferred foot: Right
  • Body Type: Balanced
  • “Normal” PlayStyles: Tikitaka, Class, and Skilled Regatta
  • Current SBC cost: 45,100 coins in the general market
  • SBC requirements: An average rating of 84 and at least one Inform (IF) player and one player from Argentina

Analysis of Óscar Trejo Centuriones

While Trejo Centuriones may not be the fastest player on the field, his skills as a playmaker and finisher make him a valuable asset in the midfield. With excellent vision and short passing, he excels in creating opportunities for his teammates. His agility and dribbling ability are also noteworthy, making him a skillful player on the ball.

Defensively, Trejo Centuriones holds his own with decent interception, intelligence, steals, and tackles. His strength and positioning also contribute to his effectiveness in the midfield.

Overall, if used as a midfielder, Trejo Centuriones proves to be an interesting and affordable option. His shooting and dribbling abilities make him stand out, and with the Centurion Upgrade, he becomes an even more formidable player.

Is He Worth It?

If you are in need of an organizing-arriving midfielder who won’t break the bank, Trejo Centuriones is a great choice. He can be used alongside a defensively solid player or as an MC in a formation with three midfielders. His versatility and quality-price ratio make him an excellent alternative to more expensive midfielders like Centuries of Peter and Modric RTTK.

If you decide to complete the SBC but are not in a rush to enjoy the Evolution upgrade, it might be worth waiting until the event is over. This way, you can assess if any other interesting cards are released that could benefit from the Evolution boost.

Recommended Chemistry Styles

  • Sombra: This style is recommended if you want Trejo Centuriones to have a significant impact in defense. It improves his acceleration, sprint, interception, intelligence, steals, and tackles.
  • Hunter: If defensive obligations are minimal, the Hunter style is a good choice. It maintains his pace while boosting his positioning, finishing, and shot power.

SBC Solution (for general market)

The Trejo Centuriones SBC will be available until Sunday, November 19. For the solution, you can refer to FUT.GG.

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