ATARI 2600+: The console that includes ten games and will be launched on November 17

by tiempoantenacom

The Console Will Include Ten Games and Will Be Launched on November 17

PLAION, a leading company in video game publishing and development, has partnered with Atari, a renowned brand in interactive entertainment, to unveil a captivating trailer showcasing the ten games that will be included in the ATARI 2600 platform upon its launch.

The Games

  • Adventurer – Embark on a quest to save the Golden Castle by recovering the chalice from the clutches of an evil wizard.
  • Combat – Engage in intense battles and eliminate enemy military forces.
  • Dodge’EM – Test your driving skills by speeding through traffic and avoiding collisions with other vehicles.
  • Haunted House – Explore a spooky house and collect the pieces of a magical urn.
  • Maze Craze – Navigate through intricate mazes while evading the pursuit of the police.
  • Missile Command – Defend your cities from incoming ballistic missiles in this classic arcade game.
  • Realsports Volleyball – Lead your team to victory by scoring points in thrilling volleyball matches.
  • Surround – Outmaneuver your opponent and force them to crash into your path.
  • Video Pinball – Use your skills to achieve the highest score in this exciting pinball game.
  • Yars’ Revenge – Fight your way through barriers and destroy your enemies in an epic battle.

The highly anticipated Atari 2600+ console is set to be released worldwide on November 17, 2023, with a recommended retail price of €119.99.

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