Canceled Retro Studios games revealed, including Metroid Prime 4 and more

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Metroid Prime 4 and Retro Studios: Unveiling Canceled Games

Exciting news has emerged regarding the highly anticipated Nintendo game, Metroid Prime 4. The development of this game has been shrouded in mystery, but now we have exclusive details from Retro Studios, the team behind its creation.

Adept: A Concept Game Inspired by Portal

Did You Know Gaming has recently obtained exclusive information on several never-released projects, including Adept and The Blob Game. Adept was a concept game that drew inspiration from the popular game Portal. It featured unique mechanics such as teleportation cylinders, force manipulation, and attraction. However, despite its innovative concept, Nintendo ultimately rejected the project. Retro Studios even considered adapting it for the Nintendo DS, but unfortunately, it was ultimately scrapped.

The Blob Game: A Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Another canceled game from Retro Studios is The Blob Game. This physics-based 2D puzzle game was designed for the Nintendo DS. However, Nintendo did not deem it special enough to be released. Interestingly, some development tools from The Blob Game were later utilized in the creation of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

In addition to these two games, Retro Studios has canceled a total of eight games. If you’re curious about the other canceled projects, you can check them out in the video below:

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