“Deep Earth” Collection: New shades for the DualSense and PS5 covers

by tiempoantenacom

Sony Unveils New Collection of DualSense Controller and Console Covers

Sony made an exciting announcement during last night’s State of Play presentation. Introducing the Deep Earth collection, which features three stunning new shades for the DualSense wireless controller and PlayStation 5 console covers. The collection includes the “gneo” Volcanic Red, the “alluring” Cobalt Blue, and the “elegant” Sterling Silver. Take a first look at these captivating colors below:

“By creating this new color collection for the DualSense controller and PS5 console covers, we were inspired by the beautiful and powerful nuances found in the depths of planet Earth. To enhance the colors and add a touch of sophistication, we incorporated a metallic finish,” explains Satoshi Aoyagi, a member of the design team.

Leo Cardoso, another member of the team, adds, “Volcanic Red offers a fiery and intense reddish tone, while Cobalt Blue presents a deep blue with intriguing purple nuances. Lastly, Sterling Silver embraces a classic aesthetic with subtle bluish tones.”

Reservation, Price, and Availability

Reservations for the Deep Earth collection will open on October 4 at 10:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time) exclusively on the PlayStation Direct digital store. The Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue accessories will be available for purchase on November 3, while the Sterling Silver color will be released on January 26. The Deep Earth DualSense controllers will be priced at €74.99, and the Deep Earth console covers will be sold for €59.99.

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