Discover the indestructible spaceship in Starfield

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A Player Discovers a Flaw in Enemy AI to Create an Unstoppable Spaceship in Starfield

Embarking on a space journey in Starfield requires more than just exploration; it also demands strategic ship customization. The galactic vehicle serves as the central hub for our experience in the Bethesda title, but it can also serve as a formidable offensive weapon.

However, the vastness of outer space is teeming with smugglers, travelers, and criminals with malicious intentions. With this in mind, one player, known as Morfalath, has ingeniously exploited flaws in the enemy AI to construct an almost invincible spaceship. Witness the incredible video showcasing the ship’s ability to withstand attacks with minimal damage.

Yes, it’s as astonishing as it appears. The spaceship is so massive that it obscures the screen, yet it possesses a significant advantage—a colossal hole in its central structure. The player, Starfield, noticed that most enemy shots were aimed at the ship’s center. To counter this, they decided to completely empty the central area, causing the shots to dissipate into the infinite void.

Admittedly, the ship’s aesthetics leave much to be desired, resembling little more than an empty cube with sharp corners. In another video, Morfalath takes us on a three-minute tour of the ship’s interior, revealing a maze of doors and staircases. In an interview with PC Gamer, the player confessed that their design only encountered difficulties when facing a group of 20 space pirates on the highest difficulty level in the Kryx system.

While the design may not be foolproof, it undoubtedly provides a much higher chance of survival in ship-to-ship battles compared to other players with their own constructions. As of now, Starfield has already attracted over six million players to embark on their own Microsoft exclusive space adventure.

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