Expand the possibilities of use and customization of the external screen of the Galaxy Z Flip5 with the Samsung Good Lock application

by tiempoantenacom

Samsung’s Good Lock App Enhances Galaxy Z Flip5’s External Screen

Your smartphone is a reflection of your personal taste and preferences, and it can even serve as an extension of your personality and a perfect medium for self-expression. Every setting, from the lock screen to the sounds, reveals a little about how you like to present yourself and interact with your device.

In this regard, Samsung’s Good Lock application offers a range of customizations for your Galaxy smartphone, allowing for better personalization of the Quick Panel, Clock, and External Screen. Moreover, when used on a Galaxy Z Flip5, it enables you to directly access your favorite apps from the cover screen of this new foldable phone, whether it’s messaging or navigation apps or even your preferred mobile game.

How to Install Good Lock on Your Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone

  • Open the Galaxy Store on your smartphone
  • Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner
  • Search for ‘Good Lock’ and download the app
  • Once installed, open Good Lock and click ‘Life up’ in the bottom right corner
  • Search for and download ‘MultiStar’
  • Return to the Good Lock home screen and launch MultiStar
  • Click on “I ♥ Galaxy plegable”
  • Select the “Home Widget” option
  • Choose the apps you want to use on the Flex Window screen of Galaxy Z Flip5
  • On the unlocked external screen, pinch with your fingers
  • Click on the Good Lock folder
  • Select the app you want to use

That’s it! Now you can conveniently use your favorite apps directly on the external screen without having to open the Z Flip5. For more information about the Galaxy Z Flip5, visit the Online Store and stay tuned for all the latest news about the brand in the Samsung Mexico Press Room.

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