Final Fantasy VII Remake reaches 7 million copies sold since its launch

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Exceeds 7 Million Copies Sold

Final Fantasy VII Remake has already exceeded 7 million copies sold

Recently, during a PlayStation State of Play event, exciting new details were revealed about upcoming releases for PS5, PS4, and other platforms. Among the announcements was the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, the sequel to the 1997 Final Fantasy VII remake. A new trailer was showcased, unveiling exciting updates and confirming its release date for February 29, 2024.

Following this major announcement, Square Enix shared an impressive milestone achieved by Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Japanese company proudly announced that the game has already surpassed 7 million copies sold worldwide since its launch in April 2020. This remarkable figure includes all versions of the game released to date.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Achieves Global Success

The 7 million copies sold encompass the original Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 in 2020, as well as subsequent versions such as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, a more comprehensive edition released more recently for PS5 and PC (available on Steam and Epic Games Store). Both physical and digital editions of the game are included in this impressive sales figure.

This achievement sets Final Fantasy VII Remake apart, as not all titles reach such remarkable sales figures within their first years on the market. It is worth noting that sales data for the Square Enix title had not been disclosed for quite some time. The last report, dating back to August 2020, announced that the remake of this classic role-playing game from the Final Fantasy franchise had reached 5 million units sold.

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