Google Maps will integrate weather information for Android users

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Google Maps to Include Weather Information for Android Users

When planning a trip, one of the key concerns is knowing the weather conditions at the destination. Nobody wants to be caught off guard by cold, rain, or excessive heat. Fortunately, there are various weather forecasting applications that can help with this.

Google Maps, one of the most popular browsers worldwide, is not only used for navigation but also for obtaining various types of information. Users can find everything from restaurant recommendations to the cheapest gas prices, museum hours, and even estimated arrival times. Additionally, Google Maps offers different types of maps, photos of places, and 360-degree panoramic views. Now, Android users will soon have access to another useful feature that has been available to iPhone users for the past four years: weather information.

On the left, you can see the icon that appears when the weather function is activated. On the right, the graph that opens when clicked.

The release date for this new feature has not been officially announced yet, but the Google News channel on Telegram has already hinted at its imminent arrival. In fact, users with the Android 14 system installed on their phones can already try it out in beta mode.

This new feature will allow users to easily access weather information for the area they are currently viewing on Google Maps. In the upper left corner of the map, an icon will indicate whether it is raining, sunny, or cloudy. Clicking on the icon will open a screen with a graph displaying detailed weather forecasts and temperature trends throughout the day. Additionally, users will be able to check the air quality in that location through a provided link. The Telegram channel dedicated to Google has shared an image showcasing this feature.

Once this feature is officially launched, users will simply need to activate the weather information option on Google Maps. This will enable an icon next to each city, indicating the weather conditions at that location. As the map is zoomed in, these icons will appear in smaller locations as well.

Why Did iOS Users Have This Feature Before Android Users?

It is quite surprising that Google Maps, a Google application under the parent company Alphabet, did not initially implement this weather feature for Android users, despite being a direct competitor to iOS. iOS users have been enjoying this feature for the past four years. However, it seems that Google has been working on redesigning the user interface of the weather function specifically for Android, as well as developing an independent application for their own system.

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