Google releases stable version of Android Auto 10.8 with bug fixes

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Google Releases Stable Version Android 10.8 for Android Auto

Google is wasting no time and has completely accelerated Android Auto updates. After the recent release of the Android 10.8 beta and the Android 10.7 update a couple of weeks ago, the American company has now launched the stable version Android 10.8.

New Features for Android 10.8

While Google is typically reserved when it comes to discussing updates, this time there are some noteworthy features in Android 10.8.

One noticeable change is the return of the classic inclined view after using the overhead view for a while. Additionally, the button panel remains on the left, providing convenience for drivers.

However, it is somewhat surprising that there are no other significant updates included in Android 10.8. Many users were expecting features such as personalized wallpapers, a redesigned Google Assistant, electric car configuration, or a new contact selector. It seems that Google may be saving these options for Android 11.0, which is expected to arrive soon.

Unfortunately, the only downside is that Android 10.8 mainly focuses on bug fixes and offers little else in terms of new features.

How to Update Android Auto

If you want to enjoy these features and improve the stability of the application, you simply need to wait for the app update to be released on Google Play. Once the update is available for your device, you will see the “Update” button in the Android Auto app within the application store.

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