Improve your Wi-Fi signal: Tips to avoid interference and obtain a stable connection

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How to Improve Your Router Signal

By Andre Suarez | September 4, 2023 | 04:52 PM

Often, even the most reasonable configurations can hide technical problems. For instance, if you have your router placed near your main TV, you might unknowingly be causing issues that affect the quality and stability of your wireless network.

Televisions have the ability to interfere with router signals due to the similarity of their electromagnetic waves. This interference leads to an unstable Wi-Fi connection for other devices in your home. When your smart TV connects to the internet or other devices using Wi-Fi, its signal frequency can overlap with the router’s emissions and compete for electromagnetic space.

It’s also important to consider other appliances located near the router. Game consoles, audio equipment, and video players can also block the router’s signal and negatively impact your internet connection.

How to Improve the Signal of Your Router

  • Place your router in a central location to ensure the best coverage. Consider placing it on a shelf to provide an equally strong signal on both the first and second floors of your home.
  • Avoid obstacles such as walls, floors, and metal objects that can interfere with the signal. Try to keep the area around the router as free as possible.
  • Replace your router’s antenna with a high-gain one to direct the signal in the desired direction. Default antennas are usually omnidirectional, so placing the router close to an outside wall can result in signal loss.
  • Reduce wireless interference by using devices that operate on 5.8 GHz or 900 MHz frequencies instead of 2.4 GHz.
  • Replace your device’s network adapter with a USB adapter that has an external antenna.
  • Consider adding a wireless repeater to extend the signal to other areas of your home.
  • Change the wireless channel of your router to avoid interference from other devices.
  • Keep your router firmware and network adapter driver up to date.
  • For best compatibility, consider buying equipment from a single manufacturer.

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