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by tiempoantenacom

San Francisco and⁤ London

Etleap emerged‍ from the frustration of the effort required to build and maintain robust data pipelines. We want to ⁣make data pipelines easier for ‍data engineers and analysts,‌ so we are creating an intuitive ETL/ELT tool that streamlines data integration from any source without writing code ​and is efficient in managing hundreds or thousands of data ‌pipelines.

We are looking to add engineers to our core engineering team to build the ​infrastructure that modern data teams rely ​on to create and operate their analytics infrastructure! ‌It shouldn’t be necessary to have a computer science degree to ​create great data pipelines, and our mission is to abstract the ​hard parts.

Are you ready for the challenge?

What you​ will⁣ do:

  • Solve challenging engineering​ problems related to ​the performance and robustness of distributed systems infrastructure.
  • Propose ‍novel ideas on how to make complex data technology easy ⁣to use and‌ then turn those ideas into ⁤software.
  • Be part of the team building ⁤the next generation ETL/ELT infrastructure.

What we want to see in you:

  • You are ​attracted to and have experience solving challenging engineering problems.
  • Build robust and scalable data systems three times faster than other developers.
  • Coding in Java comes naturally to you.
  • You live or are willing​ to work‌ in San Francisco or London.
  • You are excited to work in a complex environment.
  • You have your feet on​ the ground and it’s fun to be around you. This is an absolute ⁤must!

Great advantage if you have the⁤ following:

  • Experience working‍ in a startup engineering team.
  • Practical knowledge of S3, EMR, Terraform, and Docker.
  • Know the ins and outs of current ⁤big data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, or Flink, but ‌this is not an‌ absolute requirement: learn fast!

This ⁣position is open to individuals living or ⁣willing to work in⁤ San‌ Francisco or London.

To apply, please send your resume to

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