Isabel Díaz Ayuso llama “hijo de puta” a Pedro Sánchez durante el debate de investidura

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso caught insulting Pedro Sánchez during investiture debate

During⁢ Pedro Sánchez’s investiture debate as President of the Government, Isabel Díaz Ayuso was caught calling the socialist leader a “son of a bitch” after recalling the episode in ‍which Pablo Casado accused Ayuso’s brother of corruption during the pandemic.

The ​cabinet of the⁢ President of the Community of Madrid first asserted that the‌ words Ayuso uttered were “I like fruit,”⁣ a phrase that has now become a political slogan for ​the Madrid president, which she​ is using in all her appearances and⁤ the PP on their social media.

Due to ⁤Ayuso’s attitude, Chema Crespo criticized her for turning the insult into a slogan: “What it is, is bullshit. This lady called the President ​of the Government a ‘son⁢ of a bitch.’ Who hasn’t muttered and called someone that, even friends? She says it when she ⁤blames (Pedro ⁤Sánchez), who is the one accusing her brother, Pablo Casado.”

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“It’s an outburst, she could have said ‘they caught me with that lip-reading, I’ll let it go’ and no, she⁢ builds a whole⁤ speech in which people laugh at her joke and multiply it,” he added.

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