Lego 2K Drive and Dead by Daylight: Free Games for a Limited Time on Steam

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LEGO 2K Drive and Dead by Daylight: Two Free Games to Try on Steam

These are the two free games to try this weekend on Steam

Not only do we find free games on the Epic Games Store every week, but on Steam we are also accustomed to receiving a plethora of games at no cost on a regular basis. In fact, we recently had the opportunity to download and keep six new free-to-play games from Steam. Additionally, Valve’s PC game sales platform offers other limited-time promotions that are equally enticing, allowing us to test out some powerful game proposals.

Today, we bring you news that Steam is offering two free games to try out during this weekend. These games are available for download now, but they won’t remain in our game library indefinitely. We have until Monday, September 4, to try them out and enjoy them. The titles in question are LEGO 2K Drive and Dead by Daylight.

LEGO 2K Drive and Dead by Daylight: Two Free Games to Try This Weekend on Steam

LEGO 2K Drive

Welcome to Bricklandia, a vast open-world LEGO driving adventure. In LEGO 2K Drive, you can compete wherever you want and play with whomever you want. Build the car of your dreams and defeat a variety of crazy rivals to win the coveted Celestial Cup. Drive at full speed through exciting circuits, off-road terrain, and open water. Explore the vast world of Bricklandia, showcase your driving skills, and construct vehicles brick by brick.

Download LEGO 2K Drive for FREE on Steam

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4 vs 1) horror game where one player assumes the role of a ruthless killer, while the remaining four players act as survivors trying to escape from the killer’s clutches to avoid capture, torture, and death. Survivors play in third person, giving them a better perception of the environment, while the killer plays in first person, focusing on its prey. The survivor’s goal in each encounter is to escape the kill area without being captured by the killer, which is more challenging than it sounds, especially with an environment that changes every time you play.

Download Dead by Daylight for FREE on Steam

It’s worth mentioning that if you enjoy these games, you can purchase them on Steam at discounted prices in their various editions. LEGO 2K Drive’s discounts will be active until September 11, while Dead by Daylight’s sales will continue in the Valve store until September 12.

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