OnePlus Nord 3 5G: A Great Mid-Range Phone with Excellent Features and a Discount of 180 Euros

by tiempoantenacom

High quality screen, powerful performance and good autonomy with fast charging in this mobile that we recommend for just over 350 euros.

We have been able to analyze this smartphone that we recommend and we find the screen to be one of its strong points // Image: Urban Tecno.

Its market launch has not been as famous as that of previous generations, but that does not mean that the OnePlus Nord 3 5G is not an excellent purchase like its predecessors. We are talking about a mid-range mobile that shines in such important sections as the screen, performance and battery, with a Sony lens leading a camera system that doesn’t disappoint.

At Andro4all, we have had the opportunity to analyze this OnePlus Nord 3 5G and we believe it is a very smart purchase for about 400 euros. Yes, we know that it has a much higher recommended retail price, but you should know that the Nord 3 drops to 369 euros on AliExpress Plaza with the coupon ES50. This is the model with 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory, which originally costs 549 euros.

This discount of 180 euros is unmatched compared to other stores. The same smartphone is priced around 480 euros on Amazon, 500 euros on the official OnePlus website, and 520 euros on MediaMarkt. Therefore, AliExpress Plaza is the best store to get a mid-range smartphone that offers both quality and a significant price drop.

OnePlus Nord 3 5G, an excellent mid-range with a 180 euro discount

Getting the OnePlus Nord 3 for around 400 euros is an excellent decision for different reasons. The first of them is its design, which receives good marks for both beauty and ergonomics. The Nord 3 is a very beautiful mobile phone, especially in the green model, and it is also very comfortable to hold. Additionally, it has the legendary Alert Slider from OnePlus.

Based on our analysis, we can assure you that you will enjoy a very good quality screen. It features an AMOLED panel that captures our attention due to its large size of 6.74 inches, high resolution of 2400×1080 pixels, and high refresh rate of 120 Hz. All of this translates into images that will captivate you with their level of detail, colors, and fluidity.

The feeling of speed when using the OnePlus Nord 3 is also due to the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor, one of the most powerful from the Taiwanese firm. To give you an idea of the terminal’s good performance, we can tell you that it offers one of the best gaming experiences in the entire mid-range segment. The good sensations are also enhanced by the 16 GB of RAM and the OxygenOS 13.1 operating system based on Android 13.

We also really like the 5,000 mAh battery of the OnePlus Nord 3, which easily lasts a day of use. The fact that it supports 80W fast charging is also very positive, as it means that the battery can be fully charged in less than half an hour. Additionally, both the 80W charger and USB cable are included in the box.

If you are concerned about the photographic system, you can rest easy. On the back, the Sony IMX890 50-megapixel sensor stands out and delivers excellent results in every sense. If you love taking selfies, don’t worry either, because the 32-megapixel front camera captures high-quality self-portraits. By the way, you can use both the front lens and the on-screen fingerprint sensor to unlock the system.

In short, the OnePlus Nord 3 seems like a mid-range smartphone that excels in several aspects, bordering on the high-end range. If we add that you can now buy it for up to 130 euros less, the purchase could not be more successful. Remember that the higher version plummets to 369 euros on AliExpress, and you just have to use the coupon ES50. In addition to saving on shipping, you will receive it in just 3 days.

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