Presentamos Pikmin Finder: un nuevo juego de navegador móvil con fotografía AR

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Pikmin Finder: The New Mobile Game by Niantic and Nintendo

A new game called Pikmin Finder has been developed by Niantic and Nintendo, and it can only be played through the mobile browser. This game allows players to find Pikmin characters and take augmented reality (AR) photos with them.

Pikmin 4: A Summer Hit

Pikmin 4 has become one of the biggest games of the summer and rightfully one of the best titles in Nintendo Switch’s catalog, despite being released late in its lifecycle.

The Pikmin franchise has now become one of Nintendo’s most recognizable, which is why they have partnered with Niantic to create a small game that can only be accessed through the mobile browser.

It’s called Pikmin Finder, and you can play it by following this link on any mobile browser app.

Although it doesn’t have its own application in your mobile store, you can easily play it with just your browser (although you will need to grant permission for it to use your mobile’s camera, and a notification will appear every time you have the tab open).

Find Hidden Pikmin in Your Home with Pikmin Finder and Your Mobile

What is Pikmin Finder all about? It will remind you of Pokémon GO and other AR games. Simply point your camera around you, and you will see a swarm of Pikmin. Swipe your finger to pluck them, and when you find several, they will search for small treasures like a cake, a rubber duck, or a Joy-Con.

That’s all there is to it: Pikmin Finder is a mere curiosity that, according to Nintendo Life, was released with the aim of entertaining visitors at Nintendo Live, their event at PAX West in Seattle where they could also try out Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

The best part of Pikmin Finder is that you can take photos of the Pikmin and share them with your friends. Imagine having Pikmin on your desk, next to your pet, or even on your plate!

The Pikmin characters are adorable, and it’s quite amusing to see them in the real world, albeit at a larger scale than in reality (the “real” ones are even smaller). There are 20 treasures to find in Pikmin Finder. Can you find them all? If you’re bored on the subway, why not play Pikmin Finder!

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