Presentation of the iPhone 15 and other Apple news at the “Wonderlust” event

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Apple to Unveil New iPhone 15 Models in Upcoming Event

The highly anticipated release of the new iPhone 15 is just around the corner. Apple has announced that it will be hosting a live event, open to the public, called “Wonderlust,” where they will showcase their latest and greatest smartphone.

If the predictions of experts are correct, Apple will unveil multiple models of the iPhone 15, including the standard iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

According to specialized technology portals, the basic model of the iPhone 15 is expected to feature the same processor as its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. It is also rumored to have a dual camera setup and a 6.1-inch screen. The estimated price at launch is around €1,009.

In addition to the new iPhones, Apple may also introduce other products such as new models of the Apple Watch and AirPods, as well as the highly anticipated iOS 17 operating system.

When and Where is the Apple Event?

The Apple event, where the iPhone 15 will be unveiled, is scheduled to take place at Apple Park in California on Tuesday, September 12. The presentation will begin at 7:00 pm (Peninsular time) or 10:00 am at the headquarters.

If you want to watch the Apple event, you can do so through El Huffpost, where they will be streaming the keynote live.

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