Samsung presents Auto Blocker, its new security tool for Galaxy devices

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Samsung Introduces New Auto Blocker Security Tool for Samsung Galaxy Devices

MADRID, Nov. 1 (Portaltic/EP) – Samsung has unveiled its latest security tool called Auto Blocker for Samsung Galaxy devices. This tool provides an additional layer of protection by offering features such as preventing unwanted messages and checking applications for potential malware.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features with One UI 6

This week, Samsung launched its new operating system, One UI 6, which comes with various innovations including expanded security and privacy features. One of the notable additions is the Auto Blocker, which offers a package of additional security measures.

Preventing Unwanted Installations and Detecting Potential Malware

The Auto Blocker includes functions such as preventing the installation of applications from unauthorized sources, also known as sideloading, and activating application security checks to detect potential malware.

Samsung explained that the side discharge prevention feature of Auto Blocker helps users who are not accustomed to downloading from unauthorized sources to protect themselves from social engineering attacks that can occur through these downloads. One example of such attacks is voice phishing, where cybercriminals convince users to install malicious software.

For users who intentionally perform sideloading regularly to gain customization or control over their device’s functionalities, the Auto Blocker tool remains disabled by default. However, Samsung emphasizes that this tool ensures a safer downloading experience.

Additional Controls and Protection

Auto Blocker offers a variety of additional controls, including the ability to check application security for potential malware. It also prevents commands and software installations via a USB cable.

Moreover, Samsung highlights that Auto Blocker provides enhanced protection in situations where malicious actors gain physical access to the device, such as when charging smartphones in airports.

Furthermore, Samsung has updated its Message Guard function, which now extends its protection to popular third-party applications. Message Guard safeguards users against zero-click cyber attacks sent via messages and also protects against direct images containing malicious code.

Commitment to User Safety

Seungwon Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Security Team, stated that the company is dedicated to keeping users safe from security attacks. With the introduction of Auto Blocker, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of Samsung’s open ecosystem while having peace of mind knowing that their mobile experience is protected.

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