Spigen Filters the Design of the iPhone 15 Pro Through its Cases: Screen Sizes, Action Button and Possible iPhone Ultra Confirmed

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Spigen Leaks Design Details of iPhone 15 Pro Cases Ahead of Official Launch

In a clever marketing move, Spigen, a renowned Los Angeles-based phone case manufacturer, has leaked key details about the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro just hours before its official launch. With a track record of producing quality cases since 2008, Spigen took to social media last night to share exclusive information about the new iPhones.

Unveiling the Design

Through their Twitter account, Spigen revealed the design of the new cases for the iPhone 15 Pro, inadvertently leaking crucial information about the device itself. The leaked images showcased the new action button, the complete aesthetics of the rear, the size of the camera module, and the screen sizes. However, the revelations did not stop there.

Continuing the Buzz

Spigen’s tweets, posted under the hashtag #AppleEvent, are still making waves on social media. Just nine hours ago, the company shared the design of the iPhone 15 Pro through its cases. It has been confirmed that the screen sizes will follow the trend set by previous Pro generations, with the smaller model featuring a 6.1-inch screen and the Pro Max or Ultra boasting a 6.7-inch display.

A Glimpse of the iPhone Ultra?

One particular tweet has caused quite a stir. Spigen not only shared an image of the new action button but also revealed that the case colors are identical to those of the Apple Watch Ultra. Given Spigen’s reputation as a prominent manufacturer, this discovery strongly suggests that the iPhone Ultra may indeed be unveiled this afternoon.

The New Action Button

Replacing the traditional volume switch found on previous iPhones, the new action button is positioned in the same location. It will serve as a pressable and programmable button, although the specific functions it can activate remain unknown.

Additional Details

Further examination of the leaked cases reveals details about other Spigen case families, such as the Ultra Hybrid and Thin. Notably, the 6.7-inch iPhone features a significantly larger camera module. However, it is important to note that the case seen for the 6.1-inch model may correspond to the standard iPhone 15, which is expected to have a dual-camera setup.

Confirmation and Speculation

Thanks to Spigen’s leak, the screen sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Pro have been confirmed, along with the existence of the new action button. Furthermore, rumors surrounding the iPhone Ultra have resurfaced. The official unveiling of the iPhone 15 is scheduled for today at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time, and you can stay updated with all the latest news on our website.

Image | Spigen

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