Starfield: Bethesda’s least flawed game, but does it deserve a 4/10

by tiempoantenacom

Controversy Surrounding Starfield: A Flawed Bethesda Game

Renowned British communicator and influencer, Jim Sterling, has recently labeled Starfield, the latest Xbox exclusive and one of the most controversial games of recent times, as “Another flawed Bethesda game.” This critique has sparked a heated debate, especially after Sterling’s review caused the game’s Metacritic average to drop from 86 to 85, due to a harsh 40 rating given by the YouTube channel Jimquisition.

Sterling’s review, consisting of over 3,000 words, delves into various aspects. It begins by discussing ZeniMax and Bethesda’s corporate policies, then moves on to highlight the game’s technical flaws. The review concludes with a meticulous analysis of the gameplay formula, which Sterling finds repetitive and lacking in imagination. However, the inclusion of topics beyond the game itself has raised questions about its objectivity.

“Calling Starfield the least flawed game in Bethesda is akin to calling any TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) the least shameful fascist. That being said, given how ZeniMax and Bethesda seem to treat trans employees, that comparison might hit too close to home.”

In this paragraph, Sterling refers readers to a video where he documents accusations made by a former Bethesda employee, who exposed the studio for discriminating against transgender workers. These allegations have led to suspicions, as expressed by Synth Potato, a specialist in Rockstar:

“The fact that malicious reviews like this have a place among actual credible critics is insane. Starting the review by complaining about Zenimax’s transphobia is the sign people need to realize that everything written afterward is motivated by pure malice, there is no real journalism here. It’s the exact same situation as when some sites actively discredited Hogwarts Legacy just because of an individual who had nothing to do with the game. We need critics like this to be mocked and kicked out of our industry.”

“Starfield now has an 85… after receiving a 4/10. Sorry, I understand that the game is not for everyone, but (give it) a 4?”

Starfield, being the first major Bethesda game released exclusively on the Xbox ecosystem and PC after Microsoft’s acquisition of the studio, has ignited a storm of controversy. Supporters of different console brands have taken extreme positions, even resorting to harassing the author of the lowest-rated review. Starfield made its debut this week on Xbox Game Pass, and you can find our review here.

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