Starfield: Incredible physics and crazy experiments with in-game objects

by tiempoantenacom

Bethesda’s Starfield Impresses with Realistic Physics

Since the launch of Starfield, Bethesda has received widespread praise for its attention to detail and realistic physics. Players have been delighted by the ability to perform quirky actions, such as collecting potatoes in their spaceships, showcasing the impressive work of Todd Howard’s team.

A Milk Invasion in New Atlantis

However, one player, Dennios, took it a step further by unleashing a wave of 10,000 milk cartons in the galactic city of New Atlantis. The result was a mesmerizing scene as milk cascaded down from one of the tallest buildings, completely inundating the city. You can witness this hypnotic event in the video below:

“I’m amazed at how well it works. I spawned 10,000 cartons of milk at once, and it loaded in just a second. In Oblivion and Skyrim, this would take a few moments. The physics in Starfield are truly remarkable. Congratulations to the developers!” shared the user on Reddit. However, attempting this feat in your own game of Starfield requires some preparation.

Meet Dennios’s Impressive PC Setup

PC Gamer pointed out that Dennios’s successful experiment was made possible by their powerful computer setup. Here are the components:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700
  • RAM: 32GB 3800Mhz
  • SSD: 2TB WD Black SN850X
  • Graphics settings: 1080p, Ultra, FSR 2 at 100% sharp, Vsync off

While this experiment may bring a smile to your face, it serves as a reminder that physics in Starfield mirror those of the real world. Beyond the entertainment value of watching the clip repeatedly, these types of experiments have limited practical use in the game.


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