Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Discover more than 20 minutes of new gameplay in a Nintendo Live

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A Sneak Peek into Super Mario Bros. Wonder Gameplay

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, full of exciting features

Nintendo has recently released a captivating video showcasing over 20 minutes of thrilling gameplay footage from Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This video was unveiled during a Nintendo Live event held in Seattle, as part of the PAX West fair. The company has generously provided a detailed demonstration of the first stage of the game, featuring Daisy as the solo player. Daisy fearlessly utilizes the Elephant transformation to overcome obstacles. Additionally, the video showcases a level cleared by Toad, followed by a cooperative mode where two players control Peach and Luigi, utilizing a drill to progress through a stage.

The video also highlights another phase where one player chooses the invincible Yoshi while the other controls Mario, who cleverly rides the dinosaur. Finally, the video concludes with a final phase where four players simultaneously navigate the screen without colliding, thanks to an important change introduced in the game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Introduces Exciting New Features

The recent Nintendo Direct presentation provided us with a plethora of exciting details about Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The game is set in the captivating Flower Kingdom, consisting of six worlds with seven areas containing levels. In addition to the previously announced characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy), the game now includes Toadette and Caco Gazapo. Caco Gazapo, along with Yoshi, is perfect for less experienced players as they are immune to damage.

The game also introduces a variety of new enemies such as grasshoppers, piranha watermelons, toucans, armored rocks, remominas, and digaahs. Players can also enjoy new transformations like the elephant, bubble, and drill. The game showcases unique skill badges with their respective functions. Furthermore, the online gameplay features were thoroughly explained. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 20, coinciding with the launch of a special OLED model of Mario.

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