The impact of artificial intelligence: Generative AI in the technological field and its influence on social networks

by tiempoantenacom

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) has undeniably revolutionized current technology. While many are familiar with ChatGPT, OpenAI’s conversational bot capable of creating essays and writing code, there are other AI tools that have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Companies are increasingly leveraging AI options to create virtual models and influencers, such as Milla Sofia, who has already gained a staggering following of over 70,000 on Instagram.

Milla Sofia: The Virtual Model

Milla Sofia, an apparent influencer and model residing in Helsinki, Finland, shares her daily life through her Instagram account. Her profile showcases photos of her in bikinis, sports outfits, and modeling campaigns. She even has her own Twitch channel, allowing her followers to have a more personal experience. However, what sets Milla Sofia apart is that she is not a real person, but rather an invention of artificial intelligence.

The Creator’s Anonymity

In an interview with The Independent, the creator of Milla Sofia, who prefers to remain anonymous, emphasized that the project is not intended to deceive anyone. The Instagram account’s description and each photo explicitly state that Milla Sofia is an AI creation. Despite this clarification, comments occasionally express astonishment and disbelief that Sofia is not a real person.

A Growing Following

Milla Sofia’s profile currently boasts 146 posts and is rapidly approaching 72,000 followers. This growing interest in AI-generated accounts demonstrates the increasing popularity of such profiles. However, critics argue that Milla Sofia perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards. The creator, on the other hand, argues that these ideals existed even before AI. Regardless, Milla Sofia is not the first non-existent model to go viral, and it certainly won’t be the last.


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Main image by Milla Sofia (Instagram)

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