The Sims 4: For Rent – Explore a new world and manage properties in the next expansion

by tiempoantenacom

You want to have a lot of apartments on a paradise island and live off the income throughout your life? Or do you prefer to enjoy a nice home in a basement and have to dealing with a landlord who threatens eviction? Or maybe you just want to be surrounded by neighbors to gossip with? All that is what the next expansion pack of The Sims 4, To rent, to be available for 39.99 euros on December 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (on Steam, Origin and Epic Games Store). You can see the trailer below.

Additional content takes players to the world of Tomarang“a picturesque enclave surrounded by a lush tropical landscape and with a striking urban silhouette” inspired by the Southeast Asian culture, where tradition and modernity coexist. Count with one plant refuge, botanical gardens, an animal sanctuarya night market, a spirit house where you can leave offerings and areas for children to play.

It is a place that gives rise to constant relationship with neighbors, so “it is inevitable that the characters end up involved in each other’s lives.” The development studio Maxis promises: “Drama can await you behind the doors of your residential units, which can range from basement suites to duplexes, as you will have many opportunities to discover the secrets of the rest.” spying on their conversations, snooping or even committing trespassing.”

A novelty requested by the community arrives: lots with several families

In addition to this environment, one of the main novelties are the apartments and multifamily residential rental complexes fully customizable. Thus, players will be able to “build a customizable housing solution with several residential units that allows several families to live on the same lot,” something that will be available in any habitable world of the game.

“Rent a basement suite, create a cozy duplex for joint families or build spacious apartments for large household units,” the studio says. But of course, all of that has to be managed. As owners, you can generate income with different real estate investments, but you must address issues such as tenant rebellions, insect infestationsthe appearance of mold… And as tenants you can suffer evictions for inappropriate behavior.

All this is complemented by four new aspirations (looters of the most gossipy secrets, five-star landlords, sources of Tomarang knowledge, or impeccable tenants), five traits (gossips, generous, ridiculous, children of the town or wise) and a new fear for the characters: eviction.

Additionally, the DLC includes new food and recipes, as well as decorative objects for homes and other contents. Those who buy To rent Before January 18th you will have access to the digital content street food, which includes a barbecue cart, an umbrella and a fruit basket, as you can see in the image above this paragraph. Below you have more screenshots of the expansion.

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