The Titanfall 2 phenomenon on Steam: The unexpected return of a 2016 game

by tiempoantenacom

Steam Sees Titanfall 2’s Popularity Soar with Unexpected Sale

Steam, the preferred platform for millions of PC gamers seeking to enjoy the wide range of video games available in Valve’s digital store, has recently witnessed an unusual and surprising event. One of the most successful games of 2016 has made a remarkable comeback, attracting a significant number of players due to an unexpected offer currently available in the shop.

The game in question is Titanfall 2, developed by Respawn Entertainment. When it was initially released, it captivated players with its unique concept. Now, thanks to a staggering 90% discount on Steam, the game is available for a mere 2.99 euros. This irresistible offer has caused a surge in popularity, with the game reaching over 27,000 simultaneous players at its peak and maintaining a stable player base of around 20,000. It is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for gamers to immerse themselves in this captivating experience.

Titanfall 2 for PC is now available for only 2.99 euros.

Titanfall 2: A Resurgence of a Legendary Shooter

The best way to experience one of the most remarkable shooters of 2016 is by getting the Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition. This edition not only includes all the content from the Digital Deluxe edition but also offers a Starter Pack that instantly unlocks all Titan and Pilot classes. Additionally, it provides funds, double XP tokens, and a custom paint job for the R-201 carbine, allowing players to dive into the Frontier right from the start. The Ultimate Edition comprises the base game Titanfall 2, Deluxe Edition content (prime Titans Scorch and Ion; Deluxe Edition paint for 6 Titans; Deluxe Edition camouflage for all Titans, pilots, and weapons; Deluxe Edition liveries for 6 Titans; Deluxe callsign Edition), and Starter content (unlock all Titans and tactical pilot features, 500 credits to unlock arsenals, cosmetic options, and equipment, 10 2XP tokens, R-201 carbine Underground paint).

Titanfall 2 for PC is now available for only 2.99 euros.

If you want to join the more than 27,000 players who have returned to Titanfall 2, don’t hesitate to purchase it through Steam for the limited-time price of 2.99 euros. This promotion will last until September 18.

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