They discover a species of bat capable of reproducing without penetrating the sexual organ

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New Article: Bat Species Capable of Reproducing Without Penetration Discovered by European Scientists

Bat Species Capable of Reproducing Without Penetration Discovered by European Scientists

A team of European scientists, led by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, has made an extraordinary discovery – a species of bat that can reproduce without the male sexual organ penetrating the female. This is the first known case of such reproduction in a mammal.

The Orchid Bat: A Fascinating Creature

The bat in question is the orchard bat (eptesicus serotinus), which can be found in various regions across Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. According to a statement from the University of Lausanne, this bat is capable of reproducing through mere contact of the penis with the vagina, without the need for penetration.

Researchers have observed that during reproduction, both male and female orchard bats remain in contact with their sexual organs for hours while in a dorso-ventral position (face down), without engaging in penetration.

Unveiling the Discovery

To reach these groundbreaking conclusions, the team of scientists closely observed around a hundred pairs of orchard bats in three different locations across Europe. These locations included the attic of a church in the Netherlands, a rehabilitation center for bats in Ukraine, and abandoned coal mines in Switzerland.

The University of Lausanne highlights that this discovery represents a significant advancement in the study of bat behavior. Bats, with approximately 1,400 known species, have remained relatively mysterious due to their nocturnal habits.

Previously, scientists were unable to fully explain the disproportionately large size of the garden bat’s penis, which is equivalent to a quarter of

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