Tips to avoid overheating your smartphone

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Tips to Prevent Smartphone Overheating

Smartphones have become increasingly powerful, so it is essential to prevent them from overheating in order to extend their useful life. In today’s world, we use our phones for various functions and constantly download new applications, which requires us to take certain precautions.

Why does overheating occur?

Sometimes, certain applications consume more resources than others, causing the device to overheat. This can result in a message appearing, indicating that the device needs to cool down or take a break.

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Tips from ZTE

In this context, ZTE provides some tips to help maintain an adequate temperature for your smartphone.

An efficient cooling system

When using our smartphones for long periods, whether for work or leisure, overheating can occur. It is important to ensure that the device maintains a temperature between 36 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Handling multiple tasks

It is common to perform multiple actions simultaneously on a smartphone, such as responding to messages, browsing social networks, and playing games. To prevent overheating, it is advisable to disable background apps and choose a smartphone with a top-level processor that provides efficient energy consumption.

Choose a suitable cover

Cases made of materials like silicone and leather can limit heat dissipation, leading to an increase in temperature. Opting for a carbon fiber cover can help insulate the temperature due to its low thermal conductivity.

Good ventilation

Maintaining good air circulation around the device is important, but internal ventilation is also crucial to prevent overheating.

Avoid exposure to sunlight

To prevent overheating, it is necessary to keep your smartphone away from direct sunlight, especially during the summer. It is recommended to keep it in the shade, whether you are at the beach, on a terrace, or in any other open space. Additionally, protecting it from humidity is also important.

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