to replay it once completed, as there are no significant changes to the story or gameplay.

Flashback 2 price and where to play it

Flashback 2 is currently available on several platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The price may vary depending on the platform and region, but is usually around 20-30 euros.

Hobby Consolas’ opinion on Flashback 2

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The best and worst of Flashback 2

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by tiempoantenacom

Flashback 2: A Disappointing Attempt to Resume a Legacy

In the ’90s, Flashback was a groundbreaking adventure video game that captivated gamers. Now, three decades later, Flashback 2 aims to continue that legacy. However, it falls short of expectations.

Flashback 2 Gameplay and Storyline

The story of Flashback 2 picks up right after the events of the first game. Conrad B. Hart’s spaceship crashes as he tries to return to Earth after defeating the morphs. He wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, accompanied by AISHA, an AI that resides in his gun and provides guidance.

The gameplay combines elements from the original game with a three-dimensional twist. Players control Conrad in third-person perspective, navigating platforming areas, engaging in exploration and dialogue, and participating in action-packed shooting sequences.

The platforming sections are less challenging than in the first game, with minimal risk of falling to your death. Exploration and dialogue areas provide context and allow players to visit various futuristic locations. Missions in these areas are straightforward, often involving finding the right person or object to interact with.

Combat encounters are frequent, with players relying on Conrad’s gun. While the gun has infinite ammunition, it requires a lengthy reload after every 20 shots. Players can also execute feints, activate a temporary shield, or wear a special suit for added protection.

The game features hacking mini-games, motorcycle sections for transportation, and occasional cutscenes with dialogue. AISHA’s comical and amusing comments add a touch of humor to the experience.

Is Flashback 2 Difficult?

Flashback 2 offers only one difficulty mode and is generally straightforward and linear in both exploration and combat. While some exploration challenges may require a bit of thinking, they won’t keep players stuck for long. The game provides an ample supply of medikits, ensuring players can overcome combat encounters without much difficulty.

How Long is Flashback 2?

Compared to the original game, Flashback 2 is relatively short. The adventure can be completed in approximately six hours. However, there is little incentive for replayability, aside from finding holocubes that provide additional context but lack significant interest.

There are two different endings based on a specific game action, offering a bit of replay value for those seeking more.

Price and Available Platforms

Flashback 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. The physical edition costs 49.99 euros and includes a steelbook and soundtrack. There is also a collector’s edition priced at 149.99 euros, featuring a Conrad figure, lithographs, steelbook, stickers, and a unique badge.

As of now, the game does not appear to be available on digital platforms, despite its official release date being November 16.

What Went Wrong with Flashback 2?

Flashback 2 fails to capture the genius of its predecessor. While it is challenging to recreate the groundbreaking nature of the original game, the lack of innovation is not the main issue. The game suffers from various flaws that hinder the overall experience.

The storyline feels like a mishmash of science fiction ideas without contributing much to the game’s coherence. The graphics, inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, are decent artistically. However, the camera is often positioned too far away, making it difficult to aim accurately and occasionally obscuring the player’s character.

Optimization problems plague the game, resulting in frequent slowdowns and frame rate drops, even on powerful systems. The automatic aiming of the gun can be unreliable, compounded by the distant camera perspective and small reticle.

The objectives and gameplay dynamics lack depth and excitement, offering little in terms of interesting challenges. Bugs and glitches, such as characters getting stuck or interface issues, further detract from the overall experience.

Despite these shortcomings, Flashback 2 does have some redeeming qualities. The general plot, along with Conrad’s dialogues with AISHA, provides moments of humor and entertainment. However, these positives are overshadowed by the game’s technical and design flaws.

Ultimately, Flashback 2 falls far short of its predecessor’s legacy. While it presents interesting ideas, it lacks the necessary polish and optimization to deliver a satisfying gaming experience.

As we reminisce about the original game, it’s clear that Flashback 2 fails to live up to its memory.

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