Urban Myth Dissolution Center announced for Nintendo Switch at Indie World 2023

by tiempoantenacom

Urban Myth Dissolution Center Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024

During the Indie World event on November 14, 2023, an exciting announcement was made – Urban Myth Dissolution Center will be arriving on Nintendo Switch sometime in 2024.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling mystery and adventure game as you delve into haunted places, including houses, mansions, and the realm of curses and urban legends. In each investigation, you will be accompanied by the medium and director of the Urban Myth Dissolution Center, who will guide you through the eerie journey. This game promises cases that will challenge your understanding and transcend the boundaries of our physical plane. Unfortunately, the game is only available in English and not in Spanish.

The trailer showcases the game’s pixel art style, featuring various intriguing female characters and others that arouse suspicion, such as the enigmatic figure in the red sweatshirt. Additionally, a unique “real” vision allows players to perceive entities that are attached to objects or people, providing a deeper level of immersion.

While further details about Urban Myth Dissolution Center for Nintendo Switch are scarce, it has undoubtedly captured the attention of many. Will you have what it takes to solve all the cases without succumbing to fear?

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