Xbox Game Studios Announces Numerous Games in Development by External Studios

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Xbox Game Studios Reveals Numerous Games in Development, Including Projects with External Studios

In an exciting announcement, Microsoft’s director of operations at Xbox Game Studios, Crystin Cox, has revealed that there are a multitude of games currently in development. Cox used the term “dozens of games” to describe the extensive lineup of projects underway. With the vast number of studios under Xbox Game Studios, this revelation comes as no surprise.

Collaborations with External Studios

What makes this announcement even more intriguing is the mention of subcontractors or external studios. Cox’s statement sheds light on the fact that Xbox Game Studios is not only working on projects internally but also partnering with external studios to bring unique gaming experiences to players.

This revelation is not entirely new, as Cox and Microsoft’s general manager of Xbox game publishing, Peter Wyse, discussed the internal organization of these studios and how they collaborate with external partners during a talk at GDC in March.

While the exact number of projects involving external studios remains undisclosed, it is evident that Xbox Game Studios has a significant number of collaborations in progress. Combined with the projects being developed internally, this positions Xbox to potentially release up to four exclusive games per year, a goal they aim to achieve.

A Diverse Range of Projects

Cox emphasized the uniqueness of each project, stating that they approach them in a highly personalized manner. Examples of successful collaborations with external studios include Relic Entertainment’s contribution to Age of Empires and Asobo Studios’ involvement in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Although some games, such as Towerborne, Hideo Kojima’s new game, and the project associated with IO Interactive, have been confirmed, there are undoubtedly many more unannounced projects in the works. Xbox’s strong relationship with third-party developers allows them to invest in exclusive projects that enrich the Xbox ecosystem.

Striking a Balance

While Xbox Game Studios continues to foster partnerships with external studios, questions arise about how they manage the balance between internal and external projects. However, the upcoming release of Starfield is expected to be a turning point in this regard.

Jerret West, Microsoft’s Xbox marketing director, expressed excitement about the future, stating that Starfield’s launch will mark the beginning of a transition that will unfold over the next two years. Although specific release dates are only confirmed for 2024 and 2025, the cadence of releases promises to satisfy long-time fans.

West also highlighted the importance of Game Pass and the support from third-party developers, emphasizing their vital role in the Xbox ecosystem. With over 30 million subscribers, Xbox Game Pass continues to grow and attract players to the platform.

A Bright Future for Xbox

Xbox Game Studios’ commitment to developing a diverse range of games, both internally and through collaborations with external studios, paints a promising future for the Xbox community. As they strive to become the ultimate gaming destination, Xbox remains dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences to players worldwide.

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