Netflix will implement the “compulsive” ad format in its basic plan with ads starting in 2024

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Netflix to Introduce “Compulsive” Ad Format in Basic Plan

Streaming giant Netflix has recently announced its plans to implement the innovative “Compulsive” ad format in its basic plan, starting in the first quarter of 2024. This new feature will allow users to enjoy uninterrupted viewing after watching three consecutive episodes, as the fourth episode will be shown without any advertising.

Netflix introduced its ad-supported plan a year ago, offering it at a monthly rate of 5.49 euros. Since then, the platform has experienced significant growth, boasting an impressive 15 million monthly active users worldwide. The company is proud of the progress it has made and aims to shape the future of advertising on Netflix.

The streaming giant aims to help marketers capitalize on the immense fandom generated by its shows and movies. In a statement on its website, Netflix expressed its commitment to providing an exceptional advertising experience while ensuring viewers can fully immerse themselves in their favorite content.

Enhancing the Viewing Experience

The ad format, set to be implemented in early 2024, is specifically designed for users who binge-watch multiple episodes in one sitting. By eliminating commercials after three consecutive episodes, Netflix aims to encourage viewers to continue watching their favorite series without interruption.

Global Sponsorships and Enhanced Measurement Capabilities

In addition to the “Compulsive” ad format, Netflix has also announced plans to expand sponsorships globally in 2024. This will allow advertisers to sponsor titles and live content on the platform, further enhancing their brand visibility.

Furthermore, Netflix is actively working on providing advertisers with more measurement capabilities in all countries. These updates aim to create the best possible experience for Netflix’s loyal customers and members, who are avid fans of the platform’s series and movies.

As Netflix continues to innovate and evolve its advertising strategies, it remains committed to delivering exceptional content and maintaining its position as a leading streaming platform.

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